I am not getting married, can I use your service too?

Some of our clients initially came to us for their tailoring and clothing as they wanted to look good for work but also with so many friends' weddings to attend each year they also wanted a few different looks they could put together for these.

The aim is for us to develop a lasting styling relationship, where we both grow to understand each other. If this leads to your wedding suit fantastic but most importantly we want you to feel confident day to day. 

When should I place my order for my wedding?

For Made to Measure and Bespoke we recommend that you contact us at least 3 months before your wedding. This way you will have enough time for the fittings and can take advantage of the best pricing. In an ideal world we want you to have your outfit hanging in your wardrobe at least a month before you go down the aisle.

Can I see the look in advance?

We understand that it is sometimes hard to visualise from a swatch but don't worry we will spend the time with you so you fully understand the fabric you finally select for your suits.  We want you to look your best.

We do encourage clients to try on a few suits first, especially if they haven't worn one before or are struggling with colours. This can be done with us or remotely by sending us photos.

Do you have suits for children?

We have experience working with children and teens and also have a number of happy barmitvah clients. We offer the bespoke or ready to wear options. Price on request

Do you offer suit rentals/hiring?

No. We create a suit for you to wear again and again, be it at your next important meeting or friends wedding. It will be sitting in your wardrobe ready for you and only you to sweat in it. There is an initial outlay but when you make your calculations you will find that the price per wear in every sense is certainly more favourable for you to invest.

If you decide you do want to hire a suit... we wont take offence and are able to help you pick out and put the right accessories to ensure that you still look the part.

What payment do you accept?

We currently accept BACS transfers and Paypal.

Will the suit fit me perfectly the first time?

For both made to measure and bespoke suits the process involves fittings. Made to measure you will have one fitting once the suit is made. If any alterations or adjustments are needed this will be completed within the price and the suit returned in a week.

The beauty of bespoke is the fittings. There will be 3 fittings where you will feel and see the suit progress, layer by layer through these stages. Please keep this in mind, with your availability as it is an intricate process that should be savoured.

What should I budget for my wedding suit?

The question no one wants to answer. It really does depend on what the occasion is for and what your priorities are.  We ask clients to think of their overall budget and then we work with them to get the most out of this. We value quality and offer you the best in this. We want you to know this so when we start discussing you are already in the league you want to be in. The approximate price we state is based on the average spend we have had with our clients (not including shoes). Many are shocked by the hidden gems we present them with pieces that will last and feel great.