Re-establishing our comfort zones

We are all creatures of habit and every now and again something crops up which makes us challenge ourselves and our preconceptions of what we are or are not able to do. 

A new work opportunity, accepting an accolade, developing a relationship, these are often moments we want to feel most at ease yet we are very aware that eyes are all firmly on us.

You may have never worn anything formal before and don't know whats right for you, or maybe you only ever wear suits and want to reflect a more contemporary feel, discretely showing your insiders knowledge. This is what we can assist you with. So if you are someone who enjoys feeding those eyes or the one who prefers a subtle nod of acknowledgement there are a variety of ways we can work together. 

Do we make clothes? Yes. Do we know how to put a full outfit together? Yes. Do we understand and appreciate the nuances of each tailoring house on Savile Row? Yes. Do we enjoy working with other great international brands? Always. 

So here is a video where I show you a bit about what we do, in a world where I am at my most confident and comfortable, however my challenge... I'm camera shy!