Pink Perfection

When it comes to dressing for your wedding try to stay clear of "trends". By all means be aware of what's going on but this is not the time to be a slave to fashion. I have always been interested in them as what fascinates me is their cycle and evolution to become a style.

In 1998 whilst working at Thomas Pink, Jermyn Street I realised that no men wanted to wear pink so I made it my personal mission to convert the guys and sell pink shirts to the "brave".  

Now I read that there is a whole new kind of pink "millennial pink" Yes, these tones have been catching my eye for years and most recently in interior design magazines and within branding galore. Rose Quartz was the pantone colour of 2016 and a few of our grooms opted for this warming hue instead of a classic white shirt, whilst my favourite groom was ahead of any pantone trend with his wedding suit. Click the image for inspiration.