Tilly Thomas Lux

My husband has always said he loves me in headpieces and with all the wedding preparations this suddenly became an area I could not neglect. So when I saw some of Tilly Thomas Lux pieces on Instagram I instantly picked up the phone, I honestly travelled the world looking for the perfect headpiece (and working) and just couldn’t find the right one. When Sally explained she made bespoke pieces too, I took a train to her home and studio and we started creating.

I loved the Art Deco yet modern feel of her work and as Anaël and I met at a prohibition party the 1920s style is really special to us.

It was the best to work with Sally. The bespoke process was seamless and fun and I enjoyed getting to know her. She is very passionate about what she does and her enthusiasm and expertise is infectious.

I couldn't recommend Tilly Thomas Lux more highly. To be able have have a personalised jewellery service without spending thousands was appreciated. Please visit her website to see her work and find an in-depth interview on being a Tilly Thomas Lux Bride.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say my style is minimal, Scandi-Esk with a hint of sparkle. I love colour but i tend to suit a more neutral palette. I love jewellery & accessories so this is where i tend to splash out! 

Tell us what led you to work with Sammy Aki ?

Sammy found me on Instagram as most people do. She came to my studio & we played around with stones & components. I love this part of the process as it means the client really gets involved in the creative process of bespoke. 


What did you enjoy the most in this creative process?

Designing with Sammy as she had a clear idea of what she wanted, which I love, but also the stone setting and finishing off of the piece ! 






What are your tips for others looking to create a unique piece of jewellery?

I would say go in with an open mind & be YOU. Be the bride you want to be :-) there are no rules !!

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