La Gentilhommière

Our family and heritage is very important to both of us and we really wanted to reflect this with our wedding. Getting married in the house where Anaël grew up was a real privilege; and essentially we wanted everyone to feel at home. La Gentilhommière is nestled in a spacious and idyllic parkland in the Ardèche region, it provided not only the backdrop but the essence of our marriage celebrations. 

Eugene Akiwumi

Eugene Akiwumi

When did La Gentilhommière first start?

Jean: My grandfather bought a hotel in the village in 1936, and then my parents bought this property outside the village which they lived in and had a restaurant. My sister and I then decided to start it as a hotel, first by refurbishing the olds houses and then building news constructions we have been working together for 40 years.


What makes La Gentilhommière unique and stand out compared to other French venues in the wedding industry?

Jean: What makes our hotel attractive is that

  • We can welcome 180 people (eating and sleeping)
  • The restaurant and hotel are separate so one part can be noisy and the other relatively peaceful
  • In summer time you can have nice cocktail party in the gardens.
Luca Meneghel

Luca Meneghel

What was your favourite part of this wedding?

Jean: My favourite part of your wedding was the cocktail party in the garden and the dancing in the bar!

Elisabeth: - The atmosphere, it was special….fraternal, colourful, with happiness. All the creative ideas you brought especially for the buffet outside for the dessert….the lighting, flowers, and so on….paella…..


If you could give your couple any piece of advice what would it be?

Jean: Piece of advice ? For what?

  • For the organisation:

Don’t stress, just explain what you want and be confident in people you put in charge to do the job.

  • For the life after wedding:

Never try to change your partner, just remember every day the reasons why you fell in love with each other and forget all the defaults you will discover … every day after. :0)

From the beginning try to have rules you both accept about money.

And later on when kids are coming try to have the same rules about education in front of them, that is very important for the future of them

  • For people organising a wedding at la Gentilhommière:

Remember that everyone can stay for the night so the party can go on with a brunch on the Sunday.

If you are interested in celebrating your marriage at La Gentilhommiere please don't hesitate to get in touch directly.

 +33 4 75 69 23 23